2022/2023 Curling Season

SCC Membership Fee:

  • $30/season + GST.  All people registering for league play, or as a spare, will be required to pay the membership fee.

League Dues:

  • The cost to register for a league is $235 for the season, however, if you register for more than 1 league then you will receive a discount on subsequent leagues.

    • 1 League: $235 + GST
    • 2 Leagues: $430 + GST ($40 discount)
    • 3 Leagues: $540 + GST ($165 discount)
    • 4 Leagues: $590 + GST ($350 discount)
    • 5 Leagues: $590 + GST ($585 discount)
    • 6 Leagues: $590 + GST ($820 discount)

If you register for 1 or more leagues you are allowed to spare in any other league at no cost.

*Please note that the Monday/Wednesday morning men's league counts as 2 leagues.

Curl BC Fee:

  • $20.  All people registering for league play, or as a spare, and over 13 years of age will be required to pay the Curl BC fee.

  • $50 + GST.  This option is for anyone that does not register for a league but would like to register as a spare.  Your name will be added to the spare list where you will indicate which leagues you are available to play in.  We don't monitor how many times you play as a spare, the $50 charge is meant to allow you to spare 5 times, if you play more than 5 times you are asked to let the club know how may additional times you curled and pay $10 (+ GST) per additional game played.

New Member Discount:
  • First time members of the Summerland Curling Club that sign up to play in 1 or more leagues will be given a $100 discount!

Locker Rental:
  • $20 + GST per season.  We have a limited number of lockers available and last season all lockers were rented.  Members that rented a locker last season are offered the option of renewing their locker rental before other members will be given the option to rent.

Fee Table

Charge1 League2 Leagues3 Leagues4 or more
SCC Membership Fee
League Dues$235.00$430.00
Curl BC Fees$20.00$20.00
Total Due$298.25$503.00



  • All fees are based on a yearly rate and are due in full by October 31, 2022.

Accepted payment methods:
    • Preferred method - Interac e-Transfer to payments@summerlandcurling.org
    • Debit card payment at the club
    • Cheque
    • Cash (exact amount required, no cash kept on site)