1. I have never curled. Can I try it out first before committing?  Yes!  You can make arrangements for some one-on-one time with an experienced curler to see what it’s all about. External link opens in new tab or windowOur club will also be partnering with the Summerland Parks and Rec. Dept. to run a Learn to Curl course the first three Saturdays of our season. Please check our website for more information.
  2. I would like to curl but I don’t have any curling equipment. Can I rent some?  Yes!  We have all the equipment that you need in our rental shop. All you need to provide are clean shoes (please bring them to the rink don’t wear them to the rink) and comfortable clothing?
  3. I would like to curl but I have not curled for a number of years and am rusty. Is that okay? Absolutely! We have many curlers in our club who were in your same situation and now they are back enjoying our great game.
  4. My knees/hips give me problems. Can I still curl?  Yes!  One of the greatest steps forward in the game of curling was the invention of “the Stick.” The stick eliminates the need for sliding as you stand and walk to deliver your stones. The stick has kept curlers in the game well into their 80s and 90s as well as those with knee and hip issues. We have many curlers younger and older who use the stick at our club. In fact, we have an entire mixed league for those who use the stick.
  5. Will there be any classes/workshops for novice curlers?  Yes!  In partnership with the External link opens in new tab or windowSummerland Parks and Rec. Dept we will be running a, Learn to Curl course over the first three Saturdays of the season. This is a great way to learn the basics of the game with others who are in the same boat as you.
  6. Can I sign up as an individual?  Yes!  You can sign up for any league as an individual and we will put you on a team.
  7. Can I register with some friends and be on the same team?  Yes!  You can sign up as a group of friends and be your own team (you need four people to make a team) or get placed into a team.
  8. I would like to curl but can’t commit to every week. Can I still participate somehow? Yes!  You can put your name on the Spare List. The Spare List is a group of people who are willing to sub in for a team when they are shorthanded.  Another option is to be part of a 5-player team, where each week one of the players does not curl. Usually, the players rotate sitting out or work out a schedule to accommodate all 5 members.
  9. I would like to curl but plan on going south to vacation after Christmas. Can I play in a league fulltime with a team up until Christmas?  Yes! Curlers can sign up for any league they want and play regularly until they are ready to go south. Our policy is that you must sign up for the entire year and we refund any unused portion of your league fees if you decide to go south after Christmas.
  10. I can’t commit to curl every week. But I would like to curl occasionally throughout the season, can I still curl?  Yes! That is what the Spare List is for. Check our registration page for the cost to register as a spare. This allows you to spare in any league at the club.
  11. I am new to the area and don’t know anyone who curls, is curling a good way to meet people? Absolutely! Curling is considered to be a very social game.  Players mingle and kibitz in the lobby before the match begins. There is plenty of interaction between players on the ice during the game and after the game you can go up to the lounge and share a beverage with your teammates and opposition players. How Canadian is that!
  12. What happens at a curling game? Players arrive at the curling rink prior to the game and mingle and socialize while getting ready for the game. Before the first rock is thrown in a match a coin is flipped to decide who goes first and players shake hands and wish each other a good game. The game is then played usually taking about two hours. During the game, teams use the honor system to police themselves if there are any accidental rule infractions. When the game is over the teams shake hands once again thanking each other for the match. Players then remove their gear and head to the lounge where you sit with your opposition and share a beverage and conversation.  In our estimation this makes curling unique among sports and why so many people love the game.