2017 Oliver Combined “A” event ladies winners
left to right
Skip Lil Blashko, 3rd  Sylvia Lowe, 2nd  Bev Leclerc, lead Colleen McComb

2017 Oliver men’s A event winners
 left to right
Dale Abrey, Tyler Jaeger, Art Lappalainen, Roland Dheilly

2017 Men's Bonspiel, February 3-5

The Summerland Curling Club had their Men’s open Bonspiel this past weekend February 3-4-5, 2017. Thanks to the 3 teams from Penticton, single teams from Kelowna, Oliver, Osoyoos,  Rossland, Winfield and 8 Summerland to make 16 teams. Throughout the weekend there were 5 games that went into extra ends.

“A” Winners from Summerland, Skip Jared St. John, 3rd  Graham Lyle, 2nd Russ Lemke, lead  Jamie Denton.

“B” Winners from Osoyoos, Skip Terry Bolton, 3rd Grahame Bensted, 2nd Patrick Campbell, lead David Arnold

“C” Winners from Kelowna, Skip Ken Johnson, 3rd Tim Johnson, 2nd Gary Wilson, lead Ray Koepke.

“D” Winners from Summerland  3rd  Dean Jones, skip Don Lawrence, missing are 2nd Rick Pedder lead Mike Bevan

2017 Ladies Bonspiel, January 28-29

“A” event winners from Summerland  Skip Jackie Clement, 3rd Warrene Helgerson, 2nd Debbie Bevan, lead Daneille Riley.


“B” event winners Oliver skip Diane Tetreault, 3rd Pat Batchelor, 2nd Marilyn Resler, lead Colleen McComb.


“C” event winners Summerland Skip Diane Krancenblum, 3rd Tammy Brennan , 2nd Janine Jell, lead Diana Leitch  

2017 Bushspiel

“A” Winners from Summerland Skip Art Lappalainen, 3rd Cheryl Jaeger, 2nd Dale Abrey, lead Joy Lappalainen.

“B” Winners from Penticton  Skip Brad Wood,  3rd Michelle Pratt , 2nd Alen Pratt, lead Annette Wood.

 “C” Winners from Summerland skip Stan Green, 3rd Patti McGillivray, 2nd Eric Johnson, lead Katelyn McGillivray.

2017 Penticton Men's Bonspiel

“A” Winners  lead Glen Brennan, 2nd Randy Nelson, 3rd Steve Clement, skip Rod Koffski

“C” Winners  lead Steve Favel, 2nd Justin Nillson, 3rd Art Lappalainen, skip Tyler Jaeger